Disaster: Information About Public Adjusters

Authored By: Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida, Inc.


What is an Insurance Adjuster?

Insurance Adjusters are employees of your insurance company; they will not charge you a fee. Your insurance company may also hire an independent adjuster to represent them; they will also not charge you a fee.

What is a Public Adjuster?

Public Adjusters are insurance adjusters that do not work for any insurance company. They work directly for the insured. Homeowners may sign a contact agreeing to pay the Public Adjuster a percentage of the amount paid to the homeowner by the insurance company.

How do Public Adjusters get paid?

Most Public Adjusters have contracts that authorize insurance companies to issue the claim check directly to the homeowner and the adjuster. That means you must obtain the Adjuster’s signature before you can cash the check and begin repairs to your home.

How can I verify a Public Adjuster is licensed?

Public insurance adjusters must be licensed by the State of Florida. Before signing a contract with a public adjuster or before letting him/her in your house you should call 1-800-22-STORM to verify that the person you are contracting with is licensed to work as a public adjuster.

Where can I report an unlicensed Public Adjuster?

Under Florida law, it is a felony to act or hold oneself out as a public adjuster without being licensed and appointed. Report unlicensed adjusters to: 1-800-22STORM 


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