Florida Senior Legal Helpline

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1-888-895-7873, the Senior Legal Helpline, provides free legal advice to eligible Florida residents age 60 and older, for civil (not criminal) legal problems.  

The helpline also provides:

  • solutions to seniors to help them resolve their legal problems
  • referrals to state and local regulatory agencies 
  • help finding legal providers in their communities when necessary.

How it works:  First call 1-888-895-7873.  Next, eligible callers are scheduled for a free telephone consultation with an attorney or paralegal. Most callers will receive answers to their legal questions during the initial telephone appointment. Clients may also qualify for referrals to providers who offer free legal services in the clients’ local communities. These providers work in partnership with the Senior Legal Helpline and the Department of Elder Affairs to ensure that low-income and other vulnerable elderly Floridians have equal access to legal remedies.

Updated: May 2, 2017

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