These forms are to help you solve a legal problem on your own. No attorney-client relationship is created between you or any Legal Services office by your use of these forms. 

There are two types of forms listed on this page:

  • Interactive forms - guide you through a series of questions and complete forms or letters using your answers.
  • Example forms - provide a document where you fill out the answers directly on the form.

If there are forms you need that are not on this site, your local courthouse may have the forms you need. 

Waiving Court Filing Fees

If you can't pay the court filings fees, you can fill out this form to see if you qualify to have the court fees waived.


Family Law

  • Temporary Custody by Extended Family Member  (Interactive Form) - Form to ask the court for temporary custody of a child who is not yours, but you act as a parent for the child and the child lives with you.

  • Parenting Plan (Interactive Form) - Agreed parenting plan to complete with the other parent of your child.

Going to Court 

Houses & Apartments 

  • Reasonable Accommodation Letter (Interactive Form) - Letter to ask your landlord for reasonable changes to the rules, services, or building to help you live in your home if you have a mental or physical disability.

  • Eviction Answer (Interactive Form) - Court form to respond to an eviction complaint and summons you recevied from your landlord.

Money & Debt 

  • Identity Theft Forms and Resources (Interactive Forms) - Letters to creditors, debt collectors, and credit bureaus to report that someone else used your credit or made purchases without your approval.


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