Foreclosure Miniportal: Learn About the Foreclosure Process & Alternatives

Foreclosure Scams

This brochure warns about scams trying to take your money and provides contact information to find free help.  (Spanish)

Avoiding Foreclosure: Florida

Some information from HUD that explains the foreclosure laws in Florida, describes how to respond to a foreclosure summons and complaint and provides tips to avoid scams.

Filing Your Answer to a Foreclosure

A brief FAQ about how and and when to respond if you have been served with a foreclosure.

Asking for More Time to Answer to a Foreclosure

If you have been served with a foreclosure but need more time to file a response or answer, you can file a motion asking for additional time. Read these instructions and example to find out how. 

Alternatives to Foreclosure

Preventing Foreclosure: Workout Options

Learn about alternatives to foreclosure that your mortgage lender may offer.

Considering a Reverse Mortgage?

Frequently asked questions about reverse mortgages to help find out if its right for you.  (Spanish) (Haitian Creole) (Portuguese)

Making Homes Affordable

Choose your current situation, such as unemployment or looking to refinance, to see available programs for assistance. 


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