Unable to Register for Disaster Food Assistance (D-SNAP)?

Are you in need of Disaster Food Assistance but were unable to pre-register for benefits? If so, Florida Legal Services, Inc. (FLS) wants to hear from you!

D-SNAP is a version of the better-known SNAP ("food stamps") program, providing food assistance to low-income households with food loss or damage caused by a natural disaster. After Irma, many affected persons with disabilities who needed D-SNAP were unable to travel to a D-SNAP site or stand in line to be interviewed, a requirement to qualifying for D-SNAP.  Although DCF provided phone interviews for some survivors with disabilities, only persons who completed the pre-registration process were able to get phone interviews. 

If this reflects your situation, FLS wants to help!

If you wanted to apply for Disaster Food Assistance (D-SNAP) but were unable to pre-register, tell Florida Legal Services your story!

Posted: December 26, 2017