Florida Legal Services, Inc.

What Florida Legal Services (FLS) does:

Florida Legal Services fights for poor, vulnerable, and hard to reach people through impact litigation, legislative and administrative advocacy, education, and strategic partnerships.

FLS's projects:

FLS affects system change for:

  • At-risk youth
  • Children with special needs
  • Domestic violence survivors
  • Immigrant families and migrant workers
  • Institutionalized people
  • Low-wage earners and disenfranchised job seekers
  • People in need of health care and prescription drugs
  • People looking for safe, fair and affordable housing
  • People facing discrimination based on:
    • race
    • disability
    • criminal history
    • history of domestic violence
    • gender identity
    • sexual orientation
  • Vulnerable seniors

Areas served:

  • Florida

How to reach FLS:

Telephone:  1-407-801-4350

Fax: 1-407-505-7327

Toll-Free Disaster Line:  1-888-780-0443

Domestic Violence Legal Helpline:  1-850-385-0611 (funded by the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence)

Mailing address: Florida Legal Services, PO Box 533986, Orlando, FL 32853

Office locations:



Updated:  January 16, 2019.

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