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Legal Aid

Legal aid organizations offer free or low cost legal help to people who cannot afford to hire a lawyer. Legal aid organizations do not handle criminal, traffic or personal injury cases. You may have to meet income requirements and fill out an application.


Cuban American Bar Association Pro Bono Project
2400 South Dixie Highway
Miami, FL 33133
Telephone: 1-305-646-0046

Dade County Legal Aid Society
123 NW First Avenue, Suite 214
Miami, Florida 33128
Telephone: 1-305-579-5733
Fax: 1-305-372-7693

Dade County Legal Aid Society
Courthouse Center Domestic Violence Division
175 NW First Ave, Floor Mez.
Miami, FL 33128
Telephone: 1-305-349-5824
Fax: 1-305-372-7693

Dade County Legal Aid Society
Hialeah Courthouse Domestic Violence Division
11 East 6 Street
Hialeah, FL 33010
Telephone: 1-305- 520-4057

Dade County Legal Aid Society
Child Advocacy Division
Guardian ad Litem Program
155 NW 3 Street
Miami, FL 33158

Dade County Legal Aid Society
Dade Legal Aid, Put Something Back & Disaster Relief Project
123 NW First Ave
Miami, FL 33128
Telephone: 1-305-579-5733
Fax: 1-305-372-7693

Dade County Legal Aid Society
South Dade Office Domestic Violence Division
27112 S. Dixie Highway
Homestead FL 33032
Telephone: 1-305-247-9562
Fax: (305) 274-1362

Legal Services of Greater Miami, Inc.
4343 West Flagler Street, Suite 100
Miami, FL 33134
Telephone: 1-305-576-0080 (Miami-Dade)
Telephone: 1-866-686-2760 (Monroe)

Lawyer Referral Service

The Florida Bar or local bar associations can refer you to local lawyers who handle your legal problem. The referrals are free, but you will have to discuss the cost of the case with the lawyer.  Some programs offer a time-limited consultation for a flat fee.


Dade County Bar Association 
123 N.W. First Ave.
Suite 214
Miami, FL 33128
(305) 371-2646

Public Defender

If you have been charged with a crime and can't afford a lawyer, a judge can appoint a lawyer to represent you. You must meet income requirements, fill out an application and pay a fee.


Office of the Public Defender in Miami-Dade

Bennett H. Brummer Building
1320 NW 14th Street
Miami, FL 33125
Telephone: 1-305-545-1600

The Children's Courthouse
155 NW 3rd Street, Suite 7000
Miami, FL 33128
Telephone: 1-305-545-1600

Jackson Medical Towers
1500 NW 12th Avenue, 9th Floor
Miami, FL 33136
Telephone: 1-305-545-1600

Other Legal Resources

Florida Free Legal Answers:  Free online legal help

  • Florida Free Legal Answers is an online civil legal service for people who cannot afford to pay for an attorney.
  • The service is a cooperative effort of The Florida Bar and the American Bar Association.  Free legal help & resources for immigrants

  • Immi helps immigrants in the U.S. understand their legal options.
  • The online screening tool, legal information, and referrals to nonprofit legal services organizations are free.  
  • Immi was created by the Immigration Advocates Network and Pro Bono Net, two nonprofit organizations dedicated to increasing access to justice for low-income immigrants.


Stateside Legal:  Free legal help & information for those who have served in the military.

  • Stateside Legal was created to strengthen recognition and enforcement of veterans’ and service members’ legal rights and protections.
  • It is designed to help establish justice for those who have served in the armed forces.

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Updated March 25, 2019.

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